Right to Know

The open wound that political solutions cannot close, and time cannot heal, is the ignorance of the fate of loved ones and the pursuit of truth. It is the wound of waiting for the unknown and doubting the future! There is nothing that can help a person persevere and endure like moving from doubt to certainty. Therefore, Nophotozone launched the Right to Knowledge campaign on May 22, 2019 (#Right_to_Know). This day coincides with the birthday of the Syrian programmer and activist Bassel Khartabil Safadi, who was executed in detention. This campaign was a tribute to his memory.

The Right to Know campaign initially aims to shed light on the right to know one’s fate, specifically addressing the fate of detainees, forcibly disappeared individuals, and missing persons. It also aims to mobilize human rights organizations to prioritize support for this issue through raising awareness about the concept of the right to knowledge.

The campaign does not only target the families of detainees, forcibly disappeared individuals, missing persons, aiming for them to be informed about their rights and capable of demanding them. It also targets the international community and all segments of Syrians, to make them aware that this right is not limited to a specific social class, group, or political faction. It is a human value that cannot be overlooked.