Right to Know

The open wound which will not be closed by political solutions, and will not be recovered by time is the unknown fate of loved one. Pursuing the truth and the search for it is the wounded waiting for the unknown, and doubt about the future.

Nothing can help one with coherence and persistence the same as coming out of doubt and entering certainty. Therefore, Nophotozone is determining to launch the Right To Know campaign on 22 May 2019 (#Right_To_Know).

On this day, it was the anniversary of the birth of Syrian programmer and activist Bassel Khartbail Safadi, who was executed in prison, and we are launching the campaign today in fulfillment of his memory.

The Right To Know campaign aims in the beginning to throw a spotlight on the right to know the fate of detainees and those subjected to forced disappearances.

We are also aiming to mobilize Human Rights Organisations in order to give priority to support this, through awareness of the concept of ‘the right to know’.
The campaign is not targeting the relatives of the detainees and forced disappearances only – although it concentrates on becoming aware of their rights and the ability to claim them – but it targets international circles also, and the most important target is all spectrums of Syrians so that the “right to know” is not just a right that is monopolized by one class in society, or a specific group, nor a political movement, but it is a humanitarian value which can sometimes be overlooked.

The campaign follows on humanitarian lines, touching the emotions, as much as it is professional, systematic and objective, far away from political alignment. It is aligned

with human rights, biased towards the families of detainees and those suffering forced disappearances

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