Nophotozone provides necessary legal support to the families of detainees and the disappeared in Syria and Lebanon through  legal individual and joint advice related to the families of detainees and disappeared about the methods and legal procedures that should be followed, as a help to their detainee and the mechanism to search the fate and whereabouts of their disappeared relatives both on local and international level and to connect the families with the specific international mechanisms.
Moreover, it provides legal advice and opinions on other issues, in terms of personal and civil conditions resulting from the state of detention or disappearance, and provides legal advice and assistance regarding the situation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The organisation also conducts awareness sessions on the concepts of human rights, linking them to the subjects of arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance, torture and fair trial, and shed light on some problems of the legal issues resulting from these subjects.

In this context, we are open to reaching the largest number of families in Lebanon & Syria (currently) as mush as possible, and we are preparing to work Turkey (Istanbul).

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