Image: Safa Mekdah

Nophotozone organization provides direct legal support to arbitrarily detainees, forcibly displaced, and to the families of missing and forcibly disappeared women and men in Syria, Lebanon and Turkey. We work through group and individual legal consultations on the legal methods and ways that must be followed by them, and searching mechanisms for missing and forcibly disappeared persons at the local and international levels. We ensure communication between families, and relevant international bodies. In addition, we provide advice and legal opinions related to other issues, on the level of personal and civil status resulting from a case of arrest, disappearance or loss, such as issues of confirming marriage, divorce, lineage, guardianship and inheritance, and also providing assistance in obtaining the necessary identification papers.

Nophotozone also provides direct legal support to displaced and forcibly displaced women and men inside Syria and neighboring countries. We receive referrals from many other partner organizations and also provide legal assistance and advice to individuals wherever they are located.