Image: Safa Mekdah


Because we have gone through harsh experiences of arrest and loss, we know very well what it is like to lose loved ones, and we know what detainees or missing persons may want from us in their absence. As we become more distant from those we lost, we want to offer even a little to them and to those who lost them, those who may have lost their hope for life inside a prison, and those waiting for them – mothers, lovers, children, friends, and life partners – who felt their absence in sorrow, fatigue, complexity, and endless longing.

Perhaps there is really little that can be done, but remembering, communicating, striving, and reminding are all small steps on our way to better days for all of these people. It’s perhaps a form of justice for those who were the reason of what they are going through, and what we are going through, so that one day all of this will end.