Legal assistance and legal empowerment, advocacy for detainees and their families, and the families of those forcibly disappeared in Syria.

Syrian authorities have released 106 detainees in Hama
Coronavirus campaign..Sarrkhah.”A Scream for help”
Ahmad Haidar from Maaret Masrin to freedom
Imad AlAqraa from Harran AlAwameed country of Damascus is released
Maher Abido is released from prison of Jabhet Tahreer AlSham ( AlNusra )
Two young men from Daraa governorate died after 9 month of their arrest in Damascus
Congress approves Caesar Act
Mary Colvin’s family wins compensation from the Syrian Government
From intelligence to the opposition to asylum and then to prison … the march of a Syrian officer
The International Committee of the Red Cross denies the news shared on the Step News website

Together for the right to know and fair trial​.

Nophotozone is a non-governmental organisation that seeks to promote legal awareness, human rights and knowledge, related to cases of detention and enforced disappearances.

If you want to say something, publish a story you know, a story of one of your beloved, our platform is for you and you own it, tell your story in this field, share it with us, support it with photos if can … you are part of Nophotozone because you support this issue.