Pain and Dark on Mother's Day

[show_more color="blue" more="Show more" less="Show less"] It is a new Day, and whenever a new year comes, it grows darker and with more pain. There are many mothers waiting on this Day, waiting at the doors, perhaps a destiny will carry their loved ones to them, and in contrast there are mothers behind bars who may not know that this Day is their celebration ... "Do you think he knows when March 21 will be, does he have a calendar?" says the mother of a forced absentee to Nophotozone. Perhaps if she had the certainty that he is alive, and that he knew that today was Mother's Day, she would have celebrated the Day with him at a distance, and she would receive his greetings with her whole motherhood. It is a day that may remind us of the pain of mothers, it is a day away from joy, as long as it is not related to the embrace of loved ones, or knowing the truth ... "I promised I will not celebrate any Day before I see him ..." this mother of the detainee says, as if she is urging us all to make the holidays a stand for the truth, so as not to become a new wound that will make the mothers' wounds worse. March 21, a new day of waiting, but perhaps the longest of the year. Happy Mothers Day ... [/show_more]

Maher Abido is released from prison of Jabhet Tahreer AlSham ( AlNusra )

[show_more color="blue" more="Show more" less="Show less" ] Maher Abido is released from prison of Jabhet Tahreer AlSham (  AlNusra ) after almost two months of arrest . Arrest is arrest wherever it is . Freedom is a demand everywhere. [/show_more]

Syrian authorities have released 106 detainees in Hama.

[show_more color="blue" more="Show more" less="Show less"] Syrian authorities have informed 106 detainees in Hama prison that have been detained for political reasons on the background of 2011 the sentence of their release . [/show_more]

Ahmad Haidar from Maaret Masrin to freedom.

[show_more color="blue" more="Show more" less="Show less"] Ahmad Haidar from Maaret Masrin to freedom after six years of detention . Congrats for freedom Waiting for other detainees to get released [/show_more]

Imad AlAqraa from Harran AlAwameed country of Damascus is released

[show_more color="blue" more="Show more" less="Show less"] Imad AlAqraa from Harran AlAwameed, country of Damascus, was released after spending eight years in detention, most of them were in Saidnaya jail . [/show_more]

The Syrian authorities have informed the families of two young men from Daraa governorate of the death of their sons after 9 month of their arrest in Damascus.

[show_more color="blue" more="Show more" less="Show less"] According to the “Martyers Documentation Office in Daraa”, that on 13th of March, both men, Alaa Mohamad Majid al-Moqdad and Mohamad Rakan Mohamad al-Moqdad from Busra al-Sham in Daraa were tortured to death in detention by Syrian regime’.   The Office pointed out that they were students at Damascus University, and were arrested while in Damascus city around nine months ago. The direct cause of arrest, or the charge against them is still unknown, but their parents think that the cause is likely having wrangle with some loyalists of the Syrian regime. The Office added, that the families of both men got some information of their presence in Sidnaya Military Prison, without being able of making direct contact with them, and currently receiving a statement about their death from the police station in Busra al-Sham city in Daraa. [/show_more]

From intelligence to the opposition to asylum and then to prison, the march of a Syrian officer

[show_more color="blue" more="Show more" less="Show less"] On February 13, 2019, the German General Prosecution issued an arrest warrant for two Syrians working for the Syrian intelligence, explaining that the decision was made because of suspected crimes against humanity. The prosecution pointed out that the older defendant, named Anwar Raslan, ordered systematic and brutal torture during his tenure as head of investigations, and the prison attached thereto, between April 2011 and September 2012. The German authorities revealed that Anwar Raslan has lived in Germany since 2014, and he arrived through Jordan. The Syrian lawyer Anwar Albuni, the director of the Syrian Centre for Studies and Legal Research revealed that the first defendant is Colonel Anwar Raslan, Head of Investigation Department in the Interior Branch (251), or “Alkhateeb Branch”. Raslan was a member of the military delegation who participated in Geneva negotiations in February 2014. Two narratives have spread in different circles. One of these considers that Raslan actually committed the crimes mentioned, and his defection from the Syrian regime doesn’t mean disclaiming his responsibility from what what happened before. The other one, several witnesses say that Raslan was a good person, with nice behaviour during investigations, but what is certain is that Raslan was the head of a notorious investigation branch for a long period, and the law considers this as a responsibility which can not be overlooked. The second detainee is a Warrant Officer named Iyad Ghareb, from Mu Hasan city in Der Alzor, defected from the Syrian regime in earlier 2014. It appears that the numbers of activists who gave a good testimony about him is a lot, and they said that he showed sympathy towards the street movements from the first day …[/show_more]

Congress approves Caesar Act

[show_more color="blue" more="Show more" less="Show less"] The US House of Representatives unanimously passed the “Protection of Civilians Act" or what is known as the "Caesar Act", which provides for the imposition of sanctions on the Syrian Government and the States that have supported it such as Iran and Russia for 10 more years. Caesar is the common name of an officer who defected from the Assad regime (the officer’s name remained hidden, and his image did not appear to the media even while in Congress). He leaked about 55 thousand images of 11 thousand detainees in 2014, killed under torture, and those images were displayed in the US Senate, and provoked wide acts at the International and Arab levels. What does the Caesar Act mean? The Act No. "H.R.5732" as published on the official website of the US Congress (House of Representatives), which allows for punishishment of the supporters of the Syrian regime, including Russia and Iran, also aims according to a statement on Congress to "stop the massacres that affects the Syrian people". According to "Reuters" news agency, the Act gave the President of the United States 90 days to propose the mechanism of a no-fly zone in Syria, and if the time is exceeded, the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense in the Congress will submit the proposal to the President directly. According to Reuters, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Congress said in a statement issued on 22 January this year, that the US House of Representatives voted to activate Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2019, in order to impose new sanctions on Syria's allies in the energy, business and air transport fields. The Department of State’s statement said that "under the Caesar Syria Protection of Civilian Act, the President will be required to impose new sanctions on any person or entity that deals with or provides funding to the Syrian Government, including the Syrian intelligence and security services or the Central Bank of Syria”. The statement also said that the Act includes those that provide aircraft or aircraft spare parts to Syrian Airlines, or those involved in construction projects and engineering controlled by the Syrian government or that support the energy industry in Syria. Under the Act, the US President Donald Trump could lift sanctions on a case-by-case basis, and sanctions could be suspended if meaningful negotiations were held to stop violence against civilians. [/show_more]

Mary Colvin's family wins compensation from the Syrian Government!!

[show_more color="blue" more="Show more" less="Show less"] An American judge has issued a verdict that holds the Syrian Government responsible for the murder of US journalist Mary Colvin in 2012, while covering a military attack by the Syrian army, security and intelligence services on the city of Homs, working for the British newspaper the "Sunday Times" The judgement ordered the Syrian Government to pay at least $ 302.5 million as compensation to Mary's sister, Kathleen Colvin, and her three children and the institution she works for, being responsible for the crimes of its military and security services. The judge Amy Birman Jackson said in her judgment that “the Syrian Government was involved in the killing of an American citizen outside the law”. The civil case filed by the Colvin family in 2016 before a US federal court has accused Syrian military and security officials of deliberately firing several missiles at a "temporary broadcasting studio" that was the residence and workplace of Colvin and other Syrian and foreign journalists in Homs city. "British photographer Paul Corney, a British artillery soldier who accompanied Mary Colvin on the day of her death, managed to survive the attack but had a leg injury”, the British newspaper The Guardian reported. "Syrian journalists are being killed every day for seven years, and so today is a good day for justice”, Paul Corney was quoted as saying. Dixon Osborn, the executive director of Justice and Accountability Center, which established the case on behalf of the Colvin family, said that the lawsuit was the first that sought to burden the "Government of Bashar al-Assad" with responsibility for war crimes, and after the case was filed, similar legal action in European countries, including Germany began. "The attack on a media center with foreign journalists that killed two people and a number of injured people is unthinkable”, Judge Jackson said. The compensation met what is needed, plus additional compensation, with the total being calculated later. President al-Assad has said in previous press statements that Colvin "bears responsibility for her death, because the country was at war, she came to Syria illegally, and worked with the terrorists". It is noteworthy that the court said that Colvin, aged at the time of the death of 56 years, was deliberately killed in direct and specific targeting with French photographer Remi Ochlik in the besieged city of Homs in 2012. Just before her death, Mary Colvin told Anderson Cooper on CNN in a live broadcast from a secret media center in the city of Homs, "It is full of lies made by the Syrian media of the Syrian regime, that they are only chasing terrorists. The Syrian Arab Army is simply bombing a city of besieged hungry civilians”. Soon after, the Syrian army fired a barrage of artillery shells at the media center, killing her with French photographer Remi Ochlik ...[/show_more]

The International Committee of the Red Cross denies the news shared on the Step News website and...

[show_more color="blue" more="Show more" less="Show less"] its social media platforms on 21 July 2019, claiming that an ICRC member said that the Lebanese government intends to extradite 1800 Syrian prisoners to Syria. [/show_more]