Campaign Against Death Penalty

Yes to Justice, No to Retaliation. Campaign against the Death Penalty Participants… Participation of the Lawyer, Mr. Arif Al Sha’al. Participation of the Lawyer, Ms. Noura Ghazi. Participation of the Lawyer, Mr. Samer Al Dayyi

Fair Trials

While the world is seeking to develop mechanisms and standards of fair trials and bringing them to the highest stages of preserving the human right to equitable justice, the Syrian authorities, and the de-facto forces in the rest of the Syrian regions, continue to register, at every moment, flagrant violations of this measure, in absolute …

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A Scream for Help

Detainees Status Under Coronavirus Pandemic Participants… Lawyer Nour Ghazi Dr. Bassma Al Jourf Dr. Jalal Nawfal Lawyer Firas Abdeen Lawyer Thamer El Jahmani

Right to Know

The open wound which will not be closed by political solutions, and will not be recovered by time is the unknown fate of loved one. Pursuing the truth and the search for it is the wounded waiting for the unknown, and doubt about the future. Nothing can help one with coherence and persistence the same …

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