Keep Me in Your Mind

Nophotozone works to establish artistic collaborations to shed light on the issue of detainees, forcibly disappeared individuals, and missing persons through the production of creative works that combat oblivion and dedicate remembrance as an act of resilience. We began in 2022, marking the eleventh anniversary of the Syrian revolution, by inviting resistance against forgetfulness despite […]

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Fair Trials

While the world is seeking to develop mechanisms and standards of fair trials and bringing them to the highest stages of preserving the human right to equitable justice, the Syrian authorities, and the de-facto forces in the rest of the Syrian regions, continue to register, at every moment, flagrant violations of this measure, in absolute

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A Scream for Help

Detainees Status Under Coronavirus Pandemic Detainees are among the most vulnerable to the risk of contracting the COVID-19 pandemic, and they have the least ability to confront it. As part of the ” A scream for help ” campaign, Nophotozone produced several videos to highlight the challenges of the pandemic specific to detainees and to

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The Rights of Families of the Disappeared

Nophotozone works directly on legal awareness and believes in the importance of providing continuous access to informational resources for those affected by the issue of detention and enforced disappearance. Nophotozone has produced a number of videos on key information for families of detainees, forcibly disappeared individuals and missing persons: What is the difference between missing

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Right to Know

The open wound that political solutions cannot close, and time cannot heal, is the ignorance of the fate of loved ones and the pursuit of truth. It is the wound of waiting for the unknown and doubting the future! There is nothing that can help a person persevere and endure like moving from doubt to

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