Several campaigns have been launched to defend and release detainees and to reveal the fate of the forcibly disappeared. Nophotozone seeks to form a network of families to establish their own ways of supporting their causes through direct representation and personal participation in relevant meetings and forums, or other campaigns in order to keep the issue in circulation, regardless of the negotiating and political track. Among these campaigns “Families For Freedom” campaign.

Nophotozone is also interested in collecting and documenting stories to save the memory of the Syrians, as memory is an end and a necessity for achieving a step in the long path of justice. Nophotozone works to support and contribute to all documentation experiences.

Other bodies documented torture of detainees in some prisons, and Amnesty International issued a special report about the situation in Sednaya prison in early 2017, which can be found here.

Lawyer and activist Noura Ghazi, the wife of Bassil Khartabil Safadi, has made many contributions to awareness campaigns and work to uncover the fate of the detainees.

Syria TV report on the launch of the Families Voice-Up Association in Lebanon by Nophotozone


A theatrical workshop with the sons and daughters of detainees and enforced disappearance in Syria Production of Nophotozone in cooperation with the Canadian Foreign Ministry

Keep Me in Your Mind

This is an invitation to keep the memory alive, forgetting is hard but it’s not allowed.
Remembering is an act of resistance, is an act of life.
To our love ones who will always be with us to tell our stories, for the detainees, forcibly disappeared and their families.

Tell Your Story

The space where you can share the story of the loss or lack of knowledge of fate or arrest ..

It is an area to be a part of us , and take with us an image of the place we are forbidden to photograph, and light by your Flash the moments that all people should know …

It’s a place where you can send your story, text, image voice or video, this short movie combines the stories of people who have lived the experience, and shared with us so as not to forget …

Head to Contact us Page and send your Story. Tell your story is our way to grow the memory tree and Keep blooming.