6 Years since the Disappearance of Father Paolo

Today marks the anniversary of Father Paolo’s disappearance. His family held an event to commemorate this anniversary and the Executive Director of Nophotozone spoke on this occasion.…
The word is below:


As a Syrian human rights lawyer specializing in the field of arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance, and as a woman who has lived without her father for many years when she was a child and then lost her husband after his detention and execution by the Syrian authorities, I am telling you that the worst kind of violation in Syria is to lose your beloved ones by detention, disappearance and kidnapping, to know nothing about their fate or whereabouts, to live beyond this killing and uncertainty.
We are faced by more violence from the Syrian regime , ISIS , and most of the armed groups.
We are faced by silence and carelessness by all international actors.
Father Paolo was and still is in the hearts of those people who believe in humanity , freedom, democracy and peace.
On this sad day, the sixth anniversary of kidnapping this great man, I am so grateful for his sacrifices, I am so sympathetic with his family, and I am begging every individual person across this world to do something for all the enforced disappeared in Syria and the world, to end the suffering of tens of thousands of families.
I am addressing all the international actors to find a real, fair solution for this tragedy in Syria, because there is no peace, no justice without solving and ending this pain.

Noura Ghazi

Freedom for Father Paolo and for all detainees and forcibly disappeared persons.